Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Not Dead Yet


I would turn this into a post about how I haven't been posting, but that would be boring to read. And to write out a list of my recent status messages would be neither original nor pithy.

I will, however, soon be writing a denouement on my 20 year high school reunion... And that will be something worth reading. It was a lot more fun and slightly more profound experience than I expected.

So wander away...but come back and visit. I'll be back soon.

1 comment:

Boughshire Dale said...

Heya, tootsie!
I check your blog each day waiting patiently for you to give up facebook and come back here!

I've watched Monkey grow into quite the intelligent young man (good genes!) and have enjoyed every minute of it!

I'm glad to see you're successful, but you would be no matter what you do.

If you have a spare moment, come check out what we've been doing at

See ya later!

April from MO.