Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The Monkey does all sorts of strange, creative things...none of which generally alarm me much. He hosts a morning "show" called The Weather Bug, which requires him to step outside and report the temperature to his audience. He also hosts a computer-based "-kinz" game...wherein the "kids" that are "playing along at home" move him around, help him do tasks, eat food he wouldn't otherwise touch, etc.

The kid's got an imagination!

It turns out he's also got a boarder. Over the last few months, I've been hearing more and more about Neptune. Neptune, apparently, is the guy that lives in the Monkey's head and tells him the future. Neptune knows the weather. Neptune occasionally reassures him about things. I thought it was just an interesting name for his subconscious until last night when he announced that Neptune had been distracting him during his word-search homework. Apparently, having an overly helpful head voice can be a little offputting...so he told Neptune to pipe down so he could work.

I pondered a minute and then inquired as to whether or not Neptune ever told him to do....bad things. He doesn't (whew). I'm just hoping we don't need to conduct an exorcism in a few years...

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