Thursday, July 24, 2008

The First Step

I have a drinking problem...well, sort of. I mean, no, not THAT kind of problem...but a problemmatic thing related to drinking nonetheless.

The problem with my drinking is that I tend to drink pretty (ok, really) fast. And I drink whatever I'm drinking until it's gone. I go through close to 100 oz of water in my average work day. I can be freezing in an overly air conditioned restaurant and I will drink all of my water...and then eat the ice. Straws only make the problem worse because it goes down faster and easier. For this reason, I tend to stick with beer and wine at parties...the bubbles in the beer and acidity of wine tend to keep me in sippy mode. (See? I told you it wasn't THAT kind of problem)

But today? Today the sun is out and the air is cooler. Today all conditions were ideal for a nice iced I got one: venti skim iced mocha. The barista had a spare shot that had overcooled, so he threw that in for free!! Woohoo!!

...and now, it's less than 10 minutes later, and my tasty...really, really potent...drink is gone.

So in addition to being slightly sad that all the yummy has gone away...I also feel really dizzy.



David said...

Might I suggest really small glasses?

I Blog, You Blog said...

There's a thought!

J.Bro said...

Those iced coffees go down so fast - the government should protect us with some sort of warning label.