Sunday, March 30, 2008


It would appear that the "scary paneling" in the basement is, in fact, actually made of wood. My father surmised when he was here that it might, in fact, be an old-style tongue-and-groove construction...which would make it a fairly valuable (if no less undesirable) thing. I struggle with painting over finished wood anyway...and knowing this means I'll have a paneled basement until I can carefully remove it all and replace it with drywall.

So I've decided to conquer the implication of "scary" in two ways: light and color. Since the slipcover on the downstairs futon is red, I'm going with a red theme...and flooding the room with as much light as possible. I've picked up a few choice red accessories at bargain places and antique stores. But this week on Craigslist, I found the ultimate paneled+red basement accessory:

Have you ever seen a sweeter 70s-inspired table??? I think it's formica over mdf (or something's pretty darn heavy!). The awesome thing about it is that the lines are clean enough that if I wind up with a really modern basement (at some point in the future), it will work in that sort of style too. Yay!

Next project: figure out how to mount the TV to the wall...

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