Saturday, March 29, 2008


I am now the proud owner of a shiny new Scotts 20" Reel Mower...and I was so excited by it that I've already mowed the front yard and the little side yard (the back is still mostly moss, so it gets a pass for the moment). It's not a super efficient mower, so there's some loss of instant gratification...however, not having to change clothes to mow (or smell like an Exxon station when I'm done or worry about throwing sticks halfway across the yard or pulling any cords or changing oil) will, I think, more than make up for it. Kudos to Mr.R for putting the thing together...and kudos to Scotts for sending the mower with the rubber tube already attached to the handle (the #1 complaint on the reviews: it was way too hard to wrestle it into place).

Oh! And...

Dear City of MyCity:

The large-ish pile o' sticks in front of my house has now been grouped into five bundles and secured, to the best of my ability, with some twine that Home Depot generously gives out for free! I realize that despite the fact that I (a girl!) managed to get them out to the street, it was undoubtedly far too onerous for your big burly yard waste men to take them away...seeing as how they were not neatly bundled.

Realizing that I stopped short of tying them up with red Christmas ribbon and a bow (in clear demonstration of my displeasure that you ignored the pile last week), please, please would you take my bundles away on Monday morning?



present&accounted4 said...

so cool! I bought one from HSC and they are super neat! If the grass gets long though, you're screwed, so dont get behind.

towwas said...

Oh, you have a good ol' push mower! Yay!! They're so satisfying. (AND environmentally friendly. AND I think they count as exercise, too.)

J.Bro said...

Ahh! That's the mower we're planning to buy after we get a house! Could you post detailed reviews throughout the spring and early summer?