Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Team Save Earth

From the people who brought you this:

...we proudly present the next evolution: Captain Recycle!

In case you're not keeping up, Captain Recycle is the leader and genius mastermind behind Team Save Earth! This team had its humble beginnings as a solo endeavor...Captain Recycle was on a mission to improve the planet and cut our electricity costs (a.k.a. "Operation Save Energy"). Unwilling to take on such a daunting task alone, he enlisted the help of his favorite Momperson.

One early morning....before the first cup of coffee had even been brewed (much less consumed) the Monkey burst into the room announcing that he was Captain Recycle! And he wanted me to be his sidekick and a part of Team Save Earth! Youbetcha! I'm on board!

...he immediately informed me that I needed a name to be on the team. Ok...that's pretty easy. I'm....The Reuser! (and I'm relieved to have come up with something pretty quick). After a brief explanation about why reusing is important, he was thrilled! Captain Recycle and the Reuser...Team Save Earth! (there was a little bit of chanting)

...then I needed a theme song.
...right then. that very moment.
...or he wasn't leaving.

Gack! Theme songs before coffee should be outlawed. I tried to put it off...but Captain Recycle was having none of it! He "sended me" thoughts from his brain to mine...because that, he assured me, will help! I faltered...I whined...I stalled... Then I opened my mouth and out came a ditty:

You gotta reuse!
You gotta reuse!
Don't throw away, that'll give you the blues!
You gotta reuse!

He declared it best. themesong. ever. and ran away to decide on costumes. He came up with this, ultimately:

...and if you were concerned that Monkeydad was left out, oh no! Monkeydad is The Reducer!

I have no idea if he has a theme song....


towwas said...

Oh, good! I was hoping there was a Reducer.

present&accounted4 said...

I will meet you at the Hall of Justice with my Lasso of Clothesline and Watergun of Homemade Stainremover. They call me . . .The Eliminator! (of Unnecessary Chemicals, Plastic Containers and Energy to Transport Products.) But you may call me . . . . The Eliminator!

J.Bro said...

(I was going to post exactly the same comment as towwas, almost to a word.)

I'm The Great Ride-Your-Bike-to-Work-er - is there room on Team Save Earth for me?