Thursday, February 07, 2008

Rain, maybe?

There was a swirl in the bathtub tonight after the Monkey finished his bath. We watched it for awhile...then I thought I'd try to turn it into a little teachable moment.

Me: Where do you figure the water goes?
Monkey: Into pipes down in the ground.
Me: And then where does it go?
Monkey: be a bath for some other child!
Me: Okay....where do you think the water comes from?
Monkey: From God.
Me: How does God give us the water?
Monkey: I think he has an invisible arm that pushes the water down into the pipes and then it comes up to make a bath.
Me: Um...right. Or maybe it's something simpler?
Monkey: It's just my prediction.
Me: Oh, absolutely...but...maybe you've *seen* God give us the water...?
Monkey: Huh?
Me: me try this: where is God?
Monkey: Everywhere!!
Me: Oh. Er...good point. Ok...where do *some people* think God is?
Monkey: In our hearts!
Me: Heh...very true. But if it's not an invisible could God give us the water?
Monkey: Maybe he sends it from Heaven?
Me: Maybe! Where is Heaven?
Monkey: In the sky!
Me: Ooh! So how could God give us water from the sky?
Monkey: Through the clouds!
Me: Yes! And what do we call it when water comes out of the clouds?
Monkey: Mist!!
Me: Er....right! And what do we call it if it's misting really, really hard?
Monkey: (pause) FOG!!!

Do not play guessing games with the Monkey. You will lose.

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J.Bro said...

I think he was stringing you along, wondering how long you'd play the how-is-he-not-getting-my-point game.