Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Tonight I got the most fantastic (totally G-rated) picture of the Monkey sitting on the toilet reading a flier he got in his school folder. Oh sure, he's probably a little old for me to be snapping photos like that, but it was hilarious in that little-Mr-Big sort of way. I mean, even HE thought it was hilarious ("you've got to send that to MrR!! He'll think it's so funny!" he said...)

So...the question, of course: should I post it or is that too inappropriate?


miss shirley said...

I never know what to post of the potty/bath photos. I mean it in a completely innocent way but I am always nervous that some perv somewhere will stumble on my blog and see the pictures, etc. Eew. That's what happens in your brain when you are married to a cop who happens to know a LOT about computers.

towwas said...

Yeah, I'm with Miss Shirley on this one.

present&accounted4 said...

if you crop the photo so that reading material, upper Monkey and toilet tank shows . . .then maybe. Tough call.