Monday, December 17, 2007

Revelling BlogCon

As promised, one obligatory BlogCon photo from Friday night's most excellent Revels show:

Sadly, this photo does not feature J.Chu...and whoever came with J.Chu (I couldn't get through the sea of people in time to see them before they had to go)... or E.C. (who was there and being extra social and bouncy)... or G.Dog (who, in her very shy way, screamed my name from halfway across the room, hugged me and then was promptly ushered away by one of her adoring fans)... or Z.Dog who was busy signing autographs elsewhere...or MissS (who was home with the kids)...or S.Moff (whom I think we'd all love to meet...but she wasn't there.)

It does, however, feature (from bottom, clockwise) fabulous boots (that I was cursing by the time I got home. Why can't fashionable footwear come with arch supports, for the love of pete!?)...TOWWAS, with her Elizabethan finery...[___], who I just met and don't know her .name (sorry, [___]!!), and Spice, my e-voice of reason during the whole can-the-Monkey-read debacle.

What is most exciting about this picture, however, is that there is, in fact, a picture. I was aiming down into a circle of nothing with a big black shadow on the screen where the picture should be. I'm just happy I actually got everyone's feet!!


towwas said...

Yayyyy, blogcon! Her name is Alsho. Well, no, it isn't really, but we call her that here.

I Blog, You Blog said...

Ah! Hiiii Alsho! :)

I also think I should either hold the camera down lower or give it to someone a bit shorter next time. I get that slight vertigo feeling every time I look at this picture.


Talentedhands said...

OOOh! I want my feet in the next blogcon photo!

I Blog, You Blog said...

Oh gosh! That's right! I missed you too!! Drat.

There will have to be much better foot synchronization in the future...

towwas said...

It's ok, IBYB, we didn't miss her - TH came to see the Saturday night show.

erin*carly said...

oh oh oh, i missed it. :(

however, a mention in the post is *almost* proof i was there in attendance, bouncing around as usual.

next time, we'll coordinate for maximum foot exposure.

Sarah Moffett said...


I'm a no good, very bad, awful, horrible blog o sphere friend who completely gave up her life for end of the year firm madness. My toes are kicking me right now for not being a part of your lovely photograph. Entirely my loss.

Until the next pedicure and or free moment to join your picture~