Thursday, September 20, 2007

She Blog/He Blog

See, I was totally going to write about what he wrote (because it was hilarious)...but maybe I was going to use fewer words. I think I was going to say something like...

M.J.: Gah! I can't figure out this face...wash...stuff...

Me: Wha...?

M.J.: It used to be so was Nivea for Men Facial Skin Cleanser. One thing. I bought it. Now there' choices...and... Just. GAH!

Me: Oh (perusing) your skin oily?

M.J: Yes. Sometimes. I don't know?!

Me: Um...ok, well, is it dry?

M.J.: Yes?

Me: should
sort of be one or the other.

M.J.: I don't know!!!

Me: Heh. Here. You want this one.

M.J.: (storming up to the register) I shouldn't have to make these choices! It was Nivea for Men...I'm a man. Check. Facial...I have a face. Check. Skin...right, got some. Check. Cleanser...yes, that. DONE!

I suggested that maybe it should now be called Nivea for Metrosexuals...


towwas said...

That's basically how I feel about products. Finally a dermatologist told me what to use for the skin problem I was having last winter, and I plan to stick with that until I die. Cetaphil had better not go out of business.

J.Bro said...

I've had the same internal oily-vs-dry debate! Then I said it out loud once to M.Bro and she was all, "Uhhh...that's called combination skin. There's both a name for it *and* a facewash for it." She may have muttered "Stupid boy" under her breath.

I Blog, You Blog said...

See, I thought about pointing out the combination skin thing, but at that point, I'm relatively certain his head would have exploded.

eclectic mess said...

My head would not have exploded!