Saturday, September 22, 2007


I feel guilty that my sink drips. I can't make my sink stop dripping because it's not my sink...nor is it my water bill...but I still feel guilty. Since I can't fix it, I've tried to sort of reinvent my life around it.

The reinvention looks something like this:

This is how I make tea.

This is also how I refill my Brita...and fill my ice cube trays...and rinse dishes...and water my plants...and make coffee...and clean the sink...and wash my hands. Basically, anything that requires water is now a plan-ahead event. I collect the drips until I have what I need and then I do whatever it was I needed to do in the first place. Sure, it elongates the whole process, but I figure it's better than using MORE water for these things on top of the already I-can't-even-think-about-it number of gallons that are unnecessarily drip-drip-dripping down the sink every. single. day.

(Oh, and also, if I turn on the water, there's absolutely no guarantee that I'll be able to turn it off again.)

Dear Earth,

I'm sorry for squandering so much of your water over the last seven months. I'll be extra conservative when I'm in charge of my own drips. I promise.

Hugs and snuggles,


towwas said...

Aw. Yay for saving the earth! Boo for stupid landlords!!

BASSO said...

First the "Food Miles" and your carbon load; and now, it's water waste - think of the impact on our planet. You think that half-hearted apology will suffice when we are all kiln'd in the eternal furance of Earth's total and wanton destruction? Oh, yeah, I left a half-eaten cake, in it's aluminum pan (said disposable) in the parking lot of the football game last night and then we waited for an hour to leave the parking lot WITH the engine idling, so never mind.

J.Bro said...

You're lucky you didn't get a footnote in this story:

I Blog, You Blog said...

Dear China,


Also, I'm really sorry...

towwas said...

Maybe you could capture the excess water and mail it over!

miss shirley said...

Okay, now I feel even worse about the thousand million disposable pampers we are using every day. I can't think of a good way to make up to the earth for that. I do use energy efficient light bulbs!