Tuesday, September 04, 2007


The Monkey was complaining over the weekend that he missed his Kindergarten friends. I reassured him that there weren't too many long weekends that he'd have to endure... Needless to say, he was happy to be going back today.

Tonight, when I picked him up, he was on a mission for homework! He could barely wait until we got home to check his backpack! He thought maybe the teacher had assigned some...and the moment we hit the door, he had the backpack open and its contents strewn to the four corners in search of his next! big! Kindergarten! assignment!

Only there wasn't any homework...and he was legitimately sad about this.

(P.S. I can't WAIT for him to read this post in about 10 years. That's right, high school StudMonkey...you wanted homework when you were in Kindergarten! And I'm totally going to tell your girlfriend about it. In fact, I'm probably telling her now. Bwahahaha... :)

Not that I'm a permissive parent or anything, but if the Monkey wants homework...well, homework he shall have!! With much bravado, we chose a Special Homework Spot at the dining room table. And we cleaned it off and turned on the lights and set the chair just right. Then I gave him the month of school lunch menus and he painstakingly decided for each day whether he would (T)ake his lunch from home or (B)uy his lunch at school.

He marked each box with a B or a T (most of which were even legible)...and, in his own style of "extra credit" he decided to put an S in the boxes when school was closed (you know...for (S)kip!).

Did I mention that the Monkey LOVES Kindergarten??

Yeah. He totally does.


towwas said...

Oh, my god. The monkey is too cute.

I Blog, You Blog said...

Note the Tongue of Concentration(tm) in the first picture...

BASSO said...

...I'm hoping they all will continue to like homework if we like make it fun and support them and make sure it's not a burden and help them through any frustrating parts and like be totally engaged ..., yeah, OK , too much work.... Enjoy it while it lasts (both of you)...:)

J.Bro said...

"Mom, please can I download some more practice SAT questions on the internet?!? I put all the dinner partiers in their places and Suzy was next to someone who liked pie and no one with a name that started with B sat across from anyone else that started with a B and Fred and Tom both hate broccoli so I put them by each other and I need more MORE MORE MOOOOOOOORRRRE!!!!"