Thursday, August 30, 2007


...this was supposed to be banana bread. A treat for me to take to MrR this weekend to distract him from his terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad month at work.

I fear it may not have the intended effect.

Unless...well...I mean, are you supposed to be able to spoon out the middle of banana bread?


towwas said...

Eh, sure. As long as you heated it enough to kill the salmonella. :)

I Blog, You Blog said...

Actually, I tried a little piece this morning and it's awesome! Apparently the extra cooking did the trick. It's still ugly, but the texture is perfect (thanks, Alton Brown!) and the edges are awesome. I brought it anyway. :D

BASSO said...

Banana Bread - very forgiving. I know it was a big gotta love Alton!