Wednesday, August 08, 2007

And so it begins...

The Monkey went back to daycare at Miss Jill's this week. It's been like going home for him and he's all kinds of excited about it. Oh, sure, there's been some getting adjusted to playing with his best mate again...but on the whole, it's been pretty great.

Maybe a little too great?

Today was Safari Day. I know this because he told me...and because our bedtime story last night was looking at pictures from Safari Day two years ago....and because this morning he woke up reminding me that we had to find his stuffed monkey with the long arms to take (because Miss Jill said he could bring an animal to Safari Day and he wanted to take his monkey -- he'll get the joke later, I'm sure)...and because his dad let him borrow his super nifty new hippie safari hat thinger that he got at the folk dancing festival a couple of weeks ago.

Today was Safari Day and the Monkey was ready to go! I walked him in, talked scheduling briefly with Miss Jill, and got ready to leave...

Me: Ok, Monkey, gimme some love before I go.

Monkey: *hug* Bye mom.

Me: Can I have a little kiss?

Monkey: Mmm....not so much.

Wow. Five years old and already so over the Mom thing.

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BASSO said...

..oh, he'll never get "over" the Mom thing. It's an illusion. When you were asleep he snuck in and gave you that know that he did!