Monday, July 30, 2007


Fresh gummy bears are the tastiest thing ever!!!

Not the stale, kinda crunchy ones...but new, soft, squishy little bursts of fruity delight.

Oh yes. That's the stuff...

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BASSO said...

..and I hope you say "Gooo-me" not "gum-me" but anyway, there is a point someplace between fresh of the conveyor belt in Germany to old and crunchy where the Gummy is about a good a treat as you can find. It really is a very tasty and useful sweet! The best - and worst - thing I had happen with a bag of Gummy Bears was to leave them in the car on a very hot day - melted together into this kind of tie-dyed melange of swirly goodness (after they resolidified) ... that was the best. The worst - I can't discuss.