Saturday, March 24, 2007


Monkeydad got the Monkey a copy of the latest Veggie Tales release, Gideon, Tuba Warrior, and it inspired a whole new level of imaginative play. More specifically, it means that we spent about a week getting ready for the Midianite attack on the apartment. Armed with his "Sir Monkey, the Jubilant" sword and shield, he recruited his small, but functional imaginary army: Ma'am Mommy, the Tunneldigger...Sir James the Wallbreaker...Ma'am Samantha the Jawbreaker...and various Pokemons (mostly the energy cards...for whatever reason).

The interesting thing about the story of Gideon is the buildup. The story starts out a few days before the Midianites were set to attack....and then sort of counts down to the day of. So the imagination game of it had the same buildup. "Mommy, the Midianites are attacking in three days!" "Only two days left!" Etc.

But that's just exposition. The real story is that when the day finally came, the Monkey had a very...odd....notion for how the battle was going to go down. Fortunately, I was quick on the draw with the camera...and it looked like this:

He'd gotten naked earlier in the evening...after a series of misfortunes of spilling various things on himself. Then, when he decided to go into battle, he needed armor. I refused to put armor on him while he was naked, so he did it himself. Clearly, he's protected...

So the Midianites were defeated...and I've got great material for the requisite Prom Night chagrin.

Remember this day, Monkey...for it will be yours for all time!!!


J.Bro said...

This is the kind of post you have to print out - because maybe the internet will implode in the next 10-15 years, but well-preserved paper should last until his wedding.

grrrbear said...

Yeah, that and the internet police will come and arrest you for posting indecent baby-butt pictures.

Fortunately, my "indecent exposure" baby pictures were taken before the internet, and my mom lost them before my open house. Whew!