Thursday, January 18, 2007

Photos I Didn't Take

Last weekend, the Monkey and I met my friend KEm and her family down on the Mall for touristy adventures. KEm lives much too far away (Minneapolis) and gets out this way about once a year for work-stuff. When she was in town a year ago, I got to see her all glowing and pregnant. This year, I got to meet her adorable 7-month old, Henry.

This is Henry. your very best Minnesota accent, say it with me: "Oh fer cute!!!" And he's a good baby too... He didn't complain once through the whole sculpture garden extravaganza...and he was utterly fascinated with the Monkey's light-up Spiderman shoes (oh, sorry, the amazing Spiderman -- he always corrects me). Seriously? Super cute.

The photo credits here go to KEm's cousin-in-law, who is a rockin' good photographer. How do I know? Well, aside from his picasa library (nice!)...he actually managed to capture some pretty adorable Monkey-moments too...

Now, the Monkey is pretty dramatic, so random moments of cute aren't so unusual...

But succeeding in capturing the cute on film before he comes barrelling at you demanding to see the photo...that's a trick. Nice job Cousin-In-Law!!

Oh...and yes. My son is, in fact, laying down on the gravel walkway of the Mall. Yes. I know. Dirty tourist feet and leprosy and heaven only knows what else, etc. and so forth. I figure he's gotta get his daily dose of germs somewhere...might as well be from the shoes of a thousand or so foreign visitors.

...and no. I have no idea why he suddenly decided to lay down in the middle of the gravel. I've learned it's better to save the "why" question for the really important anything that might ultimately involve the term "extraction."


towwas said...

Oh, that is one *cute* baby.

J.Bro said...

Oh fer cute, indeed. Both of 'em, oh ya you betcha by golly.