Friday, October 06, 2006

Follow Me...

I've been given new work to do. It's the sort of work that I haven't done before and I'm simultaneously excited by the challenge of it and terrified because I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing.

And yet I'm supposed to start doing it.

Like, now.

So in the interest of good customer service, I sent an email yesterday to the new person I'll be working with (whom I've not yet met):

"Hi [Blah]!

Here’s a status report, lest you think I’m ignoring my inbox (which, currently, I am!). They’re reconfiguring my cube over the weekend (reconfiguring being a fancy word for “downsizing”), so my whole life is in boxes right now…or stashed cleverly away in someone else’s cube. Tomorrow I have to finish packing whatever isn’t packed and label everything so that it hopefully finds its way to my new home circa Tuesday. Tuesday, I have to run around and collect my belongings from all their clever hiding places and unpack the boxes…then I’ll hopefully be open for business.

…and judging by what I saw in my inbox (through squinty eyes while covering my ears and singing “Mary Had A Little Lamb” at high volumes), I’ll be open for your business!

Looking forward to working with you!!"

...because I figure if I'm not actually going to do their work anytime soon, I should at least fess-up to that so they don't get freaked out by the lack of work-being-done-ness... Also, if I can't wow them with my competence just yet, I might as well amuse them with my randomness...

La la la...

I shared the email with the Reluctant Enthusiast this morning and we decided that I should start a line of bumper stickers. First in the series:

"Follow me: get shit done and have some fun!"

Completely brilliant plan, eh? Well, except that it might make me the inadvertent Pied Piper for motivational speakers, aerobics instructors and other obnoxiously chirpy people. Then I'd have to hurt someone. Maybe I should give this some more thought...


ImpetuousProse said...

Wait, are you calling me obnoxious?

haha.. just kidding. I heart you!

I Blog, You Blog said...

No. I'm calling you badass.

Not in the post, mind you. Just here. But you are anyway. Badass, that is.


ImpetuousProse said...

Yess!! I love being badass!