Thursday, September 21, 2006


When Life is Beautiful first came out, MonkeyDad and I made great sport of running around and showing our tummies while shouting "umbilico!!!" It never failed to crack us up... One of us would be in the middle of some mundane thing and the other would run in, bare the belly, shout "umbilicooooo!", and then run away.

I taught the Monkey that trick a few weeks ago. Apparently, he's pulled it out at random (yes, perhaps even inopportune) particular for MonkeyDad. This amuses me greatly. Oh, and also, he has a super-cute tummy. Even better!

Tonight, as he was getting ready for the bath, he was staring at himself in the mirror in my room...shirt pulled up to his neck...examining his belly...

Monkey: What's the button for?
Me: The what?
Monkey: The button. What's it for?
Me: Oh...the belly used to have a cord there.
Monkey: What did it do?
Me: It attached you to me while you were in my belly.
Monkey: Hmm. When I was in your belly, I think I was...(with a look for emphasis)...bored.
Me: Ha! Are you kidding?? You had a blast in there! You were always moving around and playing with stuff (like my bladder). Trust me, you were anything but bored.

At this point, he grinned wildly at me and sang a quick chorus from the Veggie Tales "Belly Button Song" (go watch it! :). Then he spun around in circles (because...well, I don't know why actually, but he does that an awful lot) and finally came back over to thrust his bare belly against my knee. And he looked at me.

As he pulled away...

Monkey: Nope...didn't stick. I guess we're not attached that way anymore.
Me: Heh... No...we're not. You're your very own person now. But don't worry....we're still connected.

*sigh* ...boy are we.

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ImpetuousProse said...

seriously, the best song ever!!