Wednesday, June 28, 2006

What Would Levoisier Do?

In a chemical reaction, matter is neither created nor destroyed.

I've felt this sort of energy lull lately. The fire in my belly, often a raging inferno, has been on a sort of slow simmer. It's been true everywhere: I'm making do, but I'm not burning with it. Interestingly, what's most bothersome to me is the fact that I haven't been writing.

I was wondering today, though, if maybe this simmer is less about lack and more about displacement. People complain about needing more time, but the fact is that there are 24 hours in a every day. So when people say they need more time, it's not about the time itself, it's about how they (we) use it.

Maybe the same is true of energy. I've been wondering if there's a fixed amount of energy for the things I do in my life. If that's true, maybe I'm spending energy that would normally go to some areas (like writing) on something else... On what, exactly? Ahh...that is the question...

Or not. Maybe the question is more about combatting the complacent displacement that makes me feel drained. How do I rebalance my energy? How do I stoke my belly fire back up to inferno levels? Which activities are the best, most rejeuvenating uses for my energy?

...and where's that damn Levoisier when you need him?


ImpetuousProse said...

Ahhh.. she does write! Don't be discouraged love, it will all circle 'round again. Your energy will come back, and with new vengeance. And it will be like it had never left.

BASSO said...

Welcome back. The byproduct is water.