Friday, June 16, 2006


Every morning I have to badger the Monkey to eat breakfast. Like any red blooded American parent, I let him eat while watching TV in the hopes that he won't notice that he's accidentally ingesting food. It worked for awhile, but lately it hasn't been successful. I blame the Power Rangers marathons.

He was up at 6 yesterday (singing, I should note, at the top of his lungs the theme from Power Rangers Light Speed Rescue)...and we didn't leave the house until 8. In that time he managed to eat some blueberries, a piece of soysage (Morningstar Farms veggie sausage rocks!), and all but a little bit of a waffle with a glass of milk. I had to remind him several times, but he got it that's cool.

Then, on the drive to school...

Monkey: Mommy, did you bring the rest of my waffle?
Me: Um, no.
Monkey: (dramatic whine) Oh...but I just really wanted the waffle...
Me: Actually, I think 2 hours is a reasonable amount of time to be able to eat a waffle. You know, we're going to have to do something different with breakfast. This isn't working. Maybe you should eat at the table and then go watch TV...
Monkey: (panicked whine) No! I love watching TV! I'll eat! I promise!!
Me: I know you mean to, but you don't. You didn't finish your waffle...I just think we're going to have to do something different.
Monkey: Well....maybe if it was more pieces.
Me: Huh?
Monkey: I ate my blueberries! So maybe if it was pieces...
Me: You mean if I cut up the waffle, you'd eat it?
Monkey: Ooh! Yes! With butter and syrup?
Me: Well, not in the living room; with butter and syrup is definitely table food.
Monkey: Oh. blueberries...and grapes...and pancakes maybe. (pause...and then with an affected tone) But not waffles. They're too hard to chew.

I briefly considered offering to pre-digest his breakfast, but then feared he might actually take me up on it....


miss shirley said...

You blame the Power Rangers, I blame Peep, Chirp and Quack. Damn them and their cute, little, feathered selves.

J.Bro said...

Kids still watch Power Rangers? Based on my little-boy-fad experience (mostly looking at the toys on the end-caps at Target), they were, like, four fads ago. Is he secretly ashamed of this?

I Blog, You Blog said...

Dude, you would be shocked out of your ever-lovin' mind to know how many incarnations of the Power Rangers there have been since your boy-fad youth. Or you're not in the right aisle at Target.

let me just name the ones I happen to know from the time spent with the Monkey...

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Zia Rangers
Turbo Rangers
Time Force Rangers
Wild Force Rangers
Light Speed Rescue Rangers
Go Galactic Rangers
Space Ranger
Quantum Ranger
Power Rangers Ninja Storm
Power Rangers Dino Thunder
Power Rangers Space Patrol Delta (SPD)
Power Rangers Mystic Force

...and I think I missed a few. Seriously...the franchise is alive and well...

BASSO said... of franchise confirmed -- including knowing all the words to the little themes and all that. Little P-boy has to get his Ranger fix every day. Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder rule.

miss shirley said...

This is kind of off topic, but remember when that former power ranger was arrested? Weird.

BASSO said...

ew - "...attacked with a stun gun, handcuffed and gagged with duct tape. After signing over power of attorney to one assailant, they were tied to the boat's 66-pound anchor and thrown overboard." Hope it wasn't one of the Red Rangers....!