Saturday, May 13, 2006


The Monkey has this habit of conversationally switching between reality and imagination and movie quotes with seamless it's really important to know what he's been doing/watching/obsessing over if you're going to keep up with the conversation.

For example, on the phone with my parents recently, he went from telling them about some random thing that Kaitlyn did at school to telling them that he needed his salsa, even though it gave him bad dreams and made him do weird things. (Clearly, that's a Veggie Tales reference from the Cervantesesque Asparagus of LaMancha -- you got that, right?)

So anyway, yesterday in the car on the way to dinner...

Me: Wow...I'm hungry!
Monkey: Yeah...I'm...."I'm tired...I'm hungry...I have to go to the bathroom."
Me: Heh. Oh yeah?
Monkey: Yeah...Larryboy says that. Are you?
Me: Am I what?
Monkey: Are you tired?
Me: Yeah.
Monkey: Are you hungry?
Me: Yeah.
Monkey: Do you have to go to the bathroom?
Me: Actually...yeah.
Monkey: Yeah. Larryboy said "I'm tired...I'm hungry...I have to go to the bathroom."
But cucumbers don't have penises, do they?

Me:, I suppose they don't.
Monkey: I wonder how he goes to the bathroom.
Me: I have no idea.

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towwas said...

I keep reading this post, and I keep trying to think of something to say to it, and I keep failing. I don't know how Larry goes to the bathroom. But since he probably doesn't have kidneys or a large intestine, I doubt that it's much of an issue for him.