Tuesday, May 09, 2006


It's shameless to ask for things in a blog, but it's my birthday and I'm doing it.

I have a request...no, wait, more like a mission...a purpose...a raison d'etre... It's always been my private undertaking, but I'm shamelessly using the occasion of my birthday to further my cause in a more public way.

(Consider the preceding paragraphs full disclosure.)

The simple, sad fact is that for too long we've fallen into this trap...this quagmire of stymied inertia...and no one seems to be doing anything about changing it. Well, now I am. I mean, yes, I've been there too...stuck...droning...slackjawed...but I can't abide it anymore. I've made a stand for myself...consider whether or not you're ready and do something like the same.

The thing is, gentle readers, the song Happy Birthday is not a dirge.

It's -- "happy!" (see? it says so right there in the title). It's a peppy little number to be sung with enthusiasm and....I don't know, some moderate amount of speed. It's not solemn...not something to be intoned like a Gregorian chant for the departed. Typically, it's sung to a living, breathing...mortified...person -- let's put some life into it!

And if you can't rally behind the sentiment? How about this: if you sing it peppy, it'll be over faster. You can eat your cake and disappear. It's a completely genius plan!

So spread the word...try it at your next office gathering...leave notes by the coffee pot...airbrush a t-shirt. Let's get back to our roots, people! Here's to truly happy birthdays and jubilant celebration and, for the sake of all that is good in the world, enthusiastic singing of the anthem.


ImpetuousProse said...

Haaaapppyyyyyyy BIIIIIIIRTHDAY Dear Tall Girl. Haaaaappy Birthdaaaaaaaaaayyy tooooo yoooooouuuuu!!!!! Yayayayay!!!!

I Blog, You Blog said...

Yeah, yeah...but did you sing it quickly?


ImpetuousProse said...

No.. but with feeling!

towwas said...

This is why I prefer the Norwegian birthday song, which is a highly peppy waltz. Maybe if I remember tonight I'll call & tell you gratulerer med dagen!

towwas said...

Right, I got home kind of late. See explanation here:

Sophist said...

Happy Birthday!
My lab whistled the tune for me yesterday.
Even though my birthday was over 2 weeks ago. But that's ok! the cake was tasty