Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Weird Games I Rarely Play...

It's like a game, best I can tell. So the deal is, once you've been "tagged," you're supposed to write a blog with 6 weird things/habits about yourself. Then you're supposed to choose 6 more people to be tagged and list their names. Blah, blah, etc. and eventually Kevin Bacon will be tagged. Or something.

I was tagged ages ago (while I was in Greece) on another site and finally got around to doing thought I'd bring the joy to this little blogcircle. Here goes...

Six Things About Me That You Care Nothing About

1. All my clothes face left in the closet. They just do. Anything else would be wrong. I know this, because if they don't face left, I change them. It's like brushing my teeth with my right hand. I just do it...and doing it otherwise would go very, very badly.

2. I wore braces as a kid. (No...wait...that's not the weird thing -- patience already! ;) After I got them off, I was so terrified about my teeth getting hosed up again that I used to worry actively about it. I'd be walking home with my hands in my pockets wondering (I kid you not)..."if I were to trip and stumble forward, could I get my hands out of my pockets fast enough to break my fall so my teeth wouldn't get damaged?" I think wearing braces was traumatic for me.

3. I lost the Middle School spelling bee in 6th grade to Jackie Simpson (the 8th grade candidate). I put an extra "t" in "detach" -- to this day, I have to think about which way is the right way. Or, better yet, I rewrite the sentence to strike the word altogether. (...yes, it's also likely that I'd try to pound a finishing nail with a sledgehammer. It's an aversion. Shut up.)

4. I nearly failed 8th Grade shop class because I was out with chicken pox (?!) and couldn't get my notebook thingy turned in on time. Weirder still is that fact that shop was a required class for all 8th graders. These are the joys of growing up in the great, nebulous Midwest -- thou shalt learn how to emboss leather, or else!

5. My ex's phone number and mine are only two digits off. I recently tried to give my phone number to someone and inadvertently gave out my ex's instead. I know this because when the person called him, my ex gave him the correct number. And because I'm still (justifiably) getting grief about it. Um...oops?

6. I prefer chocolate with my peanut butter, broccoli over asparagus, hip-hop over soul, artsy boys over studs, paper over plastic, water over lemonade, diet over regular, and sunshine over everything.


Ok, go for, Basso, Miss S, J. Bro, Grrbear, and RE.


Ellen said...

Kentucky is most certainly NOT the mid-west. It's the glorious South. I know because I lived there once for a brief time.

I lost the 4th grade spelling bee and it still bothers me. The word was Wednesday. Kid after kid kept forgetting the "d". I made note of this error and, when it was my turn, said "Wednesday. Capital D..." Down I went to much laughter and humiliation.

towwas said...

Ha - I have many of the same obsessions. (Still depressed that my overbite is slowly but surely making a comeback.) My word was 8th grade, it was the county spelling bee, and it was freaking FLAGEOLET. Nobody uses that word. The kid who won spelled words like "bureaucracy." I see him sometimes - he's a singer, and he occasionally pops up as a soloist - and I still resent him.

BASSO said...

1. Right
2. Dental issues - don't we all
3. Can't spell out loud - or read - dyslexia maybe never diagnosed - can spell on paper and memorize alot, have to look up EVERYTHING in a dictionary
4. Had to take Shop AND Typing (most useful) - New York
5. ALWAYS transpose the last four digits of my cell phone number 4742 or 4247
6. ... but crunchy, asparagus, soul, pass, paper, lemonade, diet, snow

Oh, you are bad to do this to us -- but it'll be fun. Can't decide if stream of consciousness will work or go structured. Cool. Damn! You're a hard act to follow. Gotta go back to music now -- Regina Coeli!!!!

towwas said...

I'm not ignoring this, by the way, I just haven't gotten around to it yet.