Monday, April 24, 2006

Free Association

I heard someone say (in a movie?) once that "pickle relish" was one of the most fun, most wonderful, most satisfying things to say. And I find that largely true: it's very difficult to remain grumpy when you chirp out "pickle relish!" Plus, it's a whole-mouth word...everything gets busy and has a little job to do... It's totally nifty.

This weekend, however, I think I may have stumbled upon an even better phrase. It has the same innate joy and inherent fun as "pickle relish" but it gets bonus points for being both nifty and alliterative (for which, I admit, I have a huge weakness...) Ready?

Purple pickle.

Isn't that fun?? It just makes me happy to say it. Whee!


BASSO said...

"Pickle Relish" is used as a euphemism for cussing in TWO LITTLE BEARS a movie (before your time, but probably on TV at some point)...Eddie Albert, Jane Wyatt .. Brenda Lee? Anyway, I like Purple Pickle too and it's probably not been used before. Oh, Purple Relish!

towwas said...

Purple pickle sounds too much like Peter Piper (etc.) to me.

miss shirley said...

Say THAT five times fast. Whew!