Thursday, February 09, 2006


There are three pieces of art and one photograph adorning the walls of Monkeyboy's room. The photo is of him at approximately one day old...sacked out sleeping up under my chin. Art #1 is an enormous print of Piet Mondrian's Broadway Boogie-Woogie. Art #2 is a Smirkyprint of Rebellion and Art #3 is a SmirkyPainting of a crazy-eyed fish in a fishbowl with a flower.

...not a bad way for the little guy to cut his teeth on art, all things considered. And, to his credit, he can tell you which one is a Smirky and which one is a Mondrian...

What he can't tell you, of course, is the meaning of the word "anachronism"...

To wit: Monkeyversation from Monday night...

Me: (on the phone) Ok, great, we'll see you at 7:30...bye!
Him: Who was that?
Me: It was Smirky! He's in town and we're meeting him for dinner!
Him: (excited) Ooooh! Yay!!


Can Mondrian come too???


towwas said...

Too funny. I love that Smirky painting. It's my favorite painting in your house.

Ellen said...

Tell Smirky I said "hi" and welcome to snow-y DC. A little different from paradise, isn't it?