Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Big O

I'm going to borrow a phrase from TOWWAS -- who borrowed it from Joss Whedon -- but I am (and it will come to no suprise to those who know me) something of a control enthusiast particular when it comes to my house. I try not to have more stuff around than I actually really need at any given time...and I get a kind of wild-eyed look of excitement when I start thinking about cleaning out closets. Mmm...clean closets...*drool*

I've speculated that the reason for this is that my brain is a pretty busy I prefer a sense of calm around me. It might be some zen thing...I don't know. I just don't like clutter. There's probably a 12-step program in my future (applications for sponsors now being taken via email and comments )

So last night, I was awakened from my disco power-nap by a phone call a little after 6. My annoyance at missing out on sleep was quickly replaced with utter elation: Purple Heart is coming to pick up donations!! So that giant box in the laundry room that I've been slowly putting stuff in? I can finish filling it and set it out for them Friday. I'm *so* excited!!

And you know what that means? Tomorrow night, after I get the Monkeyboy settled into bed, my life is going to be all about the Big O... Organization will abound in my house once again!!!


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