Wednesday, December 21, 2005


It's late and I'm awake and I'm not sure why. And it's cold in here and my toes are freezing and my hair is doing that weird thing where it hangs directly over my face like I'm hiding out behind this veil of curls. And I should be packing because I fly back tomorrow and I'm know, because I'm here.

And I should go to bed...but instead, I'm clicking around and trading emails and obsessively listening to the CPU on this computer grind and crunch like it's been given a mouthful of metal shards that it has to chew through just to get me from one screen to the next...and thinking about how, if I were to blog that sound, I should describe it. ...and I'm still not sure I managed to describe it all that well..

And I keep losing my connection to the internet and I haven't found my focus in days...and I rather think this little bloglike blog is strong evidence of that. if you find my focus, could you please send it? COD is fine...I just need it back.

Thank you.

The Management


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