Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Ok...ok... So TOWWAS did one and all of her peeps did one so I did one too. :) Here, for your viewing pleasure, is my South Park likeness... I'm rather fond of her. :)

...it's impossible to get the hair actually right, but I think it's fairly representative. More fun, however, is the following that the Monkey and I did together:

It's him, you see? He loved the big, big smile... And he insisted on having the "lollysuck" -- because, you know, something shaped like a blow-pop is a lollipop...those of the round, flat variety are "lollysucks." I elected not to argue.

So there you have it. Be on the lookout next season for the Monkey and me hovering around Mr. Mackey at school chorusing a hearty "m'kay"...

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towwas said...

Nice! The south park characters - they're sweeping the nation.