Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This Sloth is Disappointed in Me

This sloth is, of course, also correct.  My task for the month is to write without distraction for two hours a day (or night or morning).  Completing this task has presented more challenges than I anticipated.  

I woke up early one morning, determined to "knock it out" in the pre-dawn hours.  It didn't take me long to discover that I'm not actually awake in the pre-dawn hours.  I didn't even make it out of bed before I realized my writing was likely to sound a bit alien at that hour.  "Mmf ungh eurgh" is cute (probably), but doesn't create any real "narrative urgency" -- except for the urgency to go back to sleep.  Which I did.

Ok, so I reset and blocked out time in the evening, but it turns out that my evenings are a bit of a cacophony.  The dog moans and paces and begs for walks (by laying his head on the keyboard). The Monkey bounces around and crawls in my lap and tells me a million random things.  Though I'm a little more coherent at 7 p.m. than 4 a.m., keeping everyone occupied so I can write is a stutter-stop process.

The point, I suppose, is that it is a process, and I'm slogging through it.  My brain and body are throwing stupid excuses at me about why I can't focus on writing (latest in the series?  I have ankle cramps!  Seriously, who even gets ankle cramps?).  I'm frustrated, for sure, but I haven't quit yet.  

The lesson in this cautionary tale of alien lingo and ankle cramps is simply perseverance.  The point is to not give up, but to keep moving forward no matter how unrelenting the silly obstacles.  The goal is to overcome the challenges.

Eventually, maybe even the sloth won't be quite so disappointed.

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Anonymous said...

I followed your blog from another blog and am glad I did. You're a great writer.