Monday, April 02, 2012

Rating Scale

It's Spring Break week around here. Since the Monkey and I don't have any travel plans, he's spending part of his days hanging with the peeps at the school's extended care program.  They're deeply into the Just Dance video games for the Wii, and tonight I found out that he's developed a rating system for the songs on Michael Jackson The Experience

Crotch grabs.

In his words... "Billy Jean is a pretty good, but the background dancers -- which I like to be -- have to grab their crotches a lot.  I won't do Dirty Diana ever (that song is just horrible).  Beat It is great, but there's a lot of crotch grabbing in it.  Oh!  But my favorite song is Smooth Criminal.  It has a major crotch-grab in it, but it's totally worth it because that song is awesome."

Hey, at least the kid's got standards!

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