Sunday, October 09, 2011

The Love of a Tribe

You are such an ocean of Love,
That you have no boundary.

It's been quite a week.  While I could spend words upon words musing on the difficulties I've been sort of trudging through over the last five days, I think I won't.  Ultimately, the realization I came to this week seems much more important than the circumstances that precipitated it.  What I learned is simply this:  It is impossible to stay in a place of sadness when you find yourself overwhelmed by gratitude.

I'm bad at being needy.  I'm terrible at asking for help.  I don't like to admit that there's ever a time I can't handle something entirely on my own.  But the reality is that humans (yes, even me) were designed to depend on each other.  We were built to love and to give support.  We were created to bond.  In tribes, in families, in packs or pairs...we are intended to rely on each other.  And the simple truth is this:  if I would be willing to drop everything to be there for a friend in need -- and I would, absolutely -- why would I ever have expected anything less from those who care about me?

This week, in the midst of an hour of darkness, I was so taken aback by the love I was shown that I couldn't linger in sadness or self-doubt.  This week, I was forced to admit to myself that though my "tribe" may resemble more Picasso than Rembrandt, it is absolutely there...and its members are absolutely willing to offer an overwhelming deluge of love. This week, I realized that it's difficult to mourn a loss when so much is there to be found.

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