Tuesday, July 26, 2011


If you were thinking that finding code for a decent-looking countdown clock widget would be a fairly simple matter, you'd be wrong.  The web is full of options, of course, but a lot of them are...kind of awful...and sadly, I'm not smart enough at HTML to make my own (or significantly modify an ugly one to make it pretty).  I liked Andee and Heather's "Shopcott Clock"...and tried to create something similar, but the size wasn't customizable enough and it kind of hung off the end of my frame.  

Never leave your widget dangling, friends!!

I finally found a perfect match at www.mycountdown.org. They have a whole range of customizable widgets that are super easy to use, fit just beautifully, and are F R E E (woot!).  Just pick a widget style, set it up and get to counting!

Obviously, I'm looking forward to graduation...  What are you looking forward to?


MBF said...

Beautiful stuff, MonkeyMom! :)
"If I only had a blog..." (cue whistling by Scarecrow) :o) See you tomorrow...when it'll be down to 141 days!

Phil Candreva said...

I better see the two of you in Monterey for the big event. The first round's on me... a small price to pay for making last quarter my all time favorite!

MBF said...

Il Professore PJC!! You know MonkeyMom and I wouldn't miss any of it for the world! :) 141 days...(or 142, depending on who you ask)!