Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Most Frustrating Thing in the Whole Wide World... having a powerful, raging, inconsolable, screaming urge to write....and realizing that I have absolutely nothing, at all, to say.  My soul is burning up with the urge to create and my brain can't see fit to give that energy an inch of direction.  I'm all passion and no purpose.  

It's maddening and unproductive.

I thought maybe if I just started writing something (anything!) that I'd find a direction and could edit my way toward it...but no.  The engine is revving on a dark, dirt road and there's not a streetlight or a highway marker in sight...just dim, stuck metaphors...Twilight Zone doors to nowhere that I keep bursting through and landing right back where I started.


I think I'll go clean something.

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