Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Most of the time, my relationship with chocolate could be measured on a scale that runs from "ambivalent" to "uninterested."  I like it.  It's tasty.  But most of the time, I'd prefer it as an accessory to something else (think: Cookies and Cream Ice Cream....or Double Stuf Oreos...or Reese Peanut Butter Cups).  Hershey bars hold no sway over me.  I can have whole bags of chocolate chips in my house for long periods of time.  It's just not a big deal to me.

But one day out of 30, some sort of beast  moves in, tosses aside my sanity and demands chocolate-covered fudge with chocolate sauce...molten chocolate chocolate cake with chocolate icing...half-baked brownies with fudge sauce...  One day out of 30, I can't get enough.

Today, my friends, is that day.  Yipe!

*Thanks to Cheeky Eats for the amazing brownie photo.  I'd like 10, please.

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Jerasphere said...

I completely understand this. I am going through the same thing. Today, I turned down bourbon (yes, you read that right... I will wait for you to climb back up on your chair.... ) for a bowl of chocolate cobbler. I know it doesn't sound that great, but it was amazing! It wasn't like a peach cobbler, it was more of the cakey, chewy, brownie, warmed up gooey wonderful bowl of sin.
PS, I have also found that a pint of Starbucks Signature Hot Chocolate ice cream can tame that beast.