Friday, July 09, 2010

Oh, Baby We've Got It!

I don't really know any relationship counselors...but I'm betting that if I did, and if I asked for free advice, my relationship-counselor-friend would tell me that it's important for couples to have substantial conversations about important matters.  You've gotta really talk about stuff...not just assume you're on the same page.  How will you handle the finances in your relationship?  How do you feel about children?  How will you divide up the household chores?  Who's going to be the big spoon?

It's better not to leave these things to chance if you want a relationship to work in the long run...

That said, I'm pleased to report (to the internet and to my future-relationship-counselor-friend) that Reid and I had one of those substantial relationship talks tonight.  We were rational.  We discussed the pros and cons.  We looked at the issue from every side and, through only the tiniest bit of negotiation, came to a mutually acceptable agreement:

We are not going to be evil slumlords.

Moreover, if we do decide at some future point, through a similar process of negotiation and mutual agreement, that we want to become evil slumlords, we've agreed that I'm going to handle all the administrative aspects...and Reid's going to fix stuff and loom menacingly behind me while I'm conducting business with our minions tenants.  

Check!  Done and done.

I'm pretty sure my future-relationship-counselor-friend would agree that Reid and I have totally got this relationship thing on lockdown!

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