Thursday, June 03, 2010

Have You Seen My Funny?

I realized as I was reading Andee's blog that I haven't written anything funny in ages.  I used to have funny thoughts about things...  I used to write them down.  Lately, I think the funny has been kind of masked by the nonstop mental gymnastics of trying to guide the little guy through this rough patch of adolescence, navigating the treacherous waters of doctors and insurance and treatments and 504 plans, kicking ass in school, and maintaining some semblance of productivity and relevance at work, all the while attempting to stave off a looming shame spiral over the fact that I've not been paying attention to either my eating habits or my fitness as I should.  GAH!

The good news, despite my lack of humor and the protective layer of fatspackle that now needs to be forcibly beaten off my body, is that hey!  I'm still here.  I'm still writing every now and then.  I'm still getting done what needs doing.  I'm still keeping my head above water and all the balls in the least mostly.

I have a four week break from school which feels like this HUGE luxury-filled bounty of possibility...except that the list of things I feel like I should cram into this four week period will make it not much of a break at all.  I put "sleep" somewhere on the maybe that will make it easier?

I saw this week that one of my friends is doing an audition for a circus as a juggler.  As much juggling as I do all the time, I could maybe qualify for that job.  Well, except that jugglers are probably supposed to also be funny.  Drat.

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jconwayhinton said...

While I could drop you a line about how I may understand where you are at more than anyone, I cannot stop repeating fatspackle and snorting a little.