Thursday, July 23, 2009

Text You Later

The Monkey has been on vacation for 10 days of his three-week whirlwind tour: Baltimore to Texas. Texas to Honolulu. Honolulu to Kawai. Kawai to Honolulu. Honolulu to the Big Island. Big Island to Honolulu. Honolulu to Texas. Texas to Baltimore.

I'm tired just typing it!

The first few days were rough. Jetlag and four cities in 36 hours were a bit rough on the little guy. He spent most of last weekend on the phone with me crying about wanting to come home. I actually started forming the contingency plan in my head for how I'd get there if I had to go rescue him... Fortunately, after the first few days, he settled in nicely...

"Settled in nicely" really only refers to the lack of sobbing phone calls. I'm still getting regular text, phone call and (most recently) email updates of their trip. The Monkey has become a Blackberry expert on this trip and is, best I can tell, playing it like a video game. The texts have been wonderful...from the standard "good morning mommy" to "i miss Marshall" to an early-morning emaili with the weather report for the Big Island. The Monkey has been entertaining from afar.

My favorite so far has been this: Going to a jagwar musam text you later.

As cute as this message was, it was alarming too. I knew I needed to be worried about the volcanoes...and big waves...and the helicopter ride he's taking with MonkeyDad tomorrow (happy birthday, MonkeyDad!!)...but I did NOT realize I needed to worry about him being mauled to death by jaguars!

I guess I'll know he's ok when he texts me later...

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Labelmaker said...

jagwar. so darn cute!

but everybody knows its jagUwar.