Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I had hoped to post pictures of my new "Colonial Slate" roof here...but I don't yet have a new Colonial Slate roof. One of the roof guys called me this morning just before 9:30 a.m. to tell me that they would not, in fact, be doing the roof today. They got behind on a project the night before and since my job was an all-day job, they would need to postpone until tomorrow.

This wouldn't have been a particularly big deal except that one of the things I knew I needed to do to prepare for the roof guys is to get the dog out of the house. Marshall sounds the alarm when I unwittingly set my coffee cup down a little too hard...I can't imagine the torture of a full day of hammering and banging and people walking around. Ellen came to my rescue (for the 123219721th time) and agreed to host a little doggie play date day for her dog Duke, a visiting former-foster named Jenny, and Marshall.

Ellen is a goddess.

And clearly the dogs had a fun day...

He's been in this position since the minute we hit the house...completely exhausted and happy. Which, hopefully means he'll feel ok about doing it again tomorrow, since I will (hopefully) need him out of the house so that they can come and actually install the new roof. Fortunately, Ellen has agreed to host a second doggie play date day. Because why? That's right...

Ellen is a goddess.

(Thanks, Ellen! :)

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