Thursday, January 08, 2009

I Thought It Would Do In A Pinch

...but this coffee tastes like gasoline. Or, at least, how I imagine gasoline would taste if I drank it. Which I don't. Definitely not.

My FIOS has been broken since the middle of 24-Hour Design on Monday morning. Just when they were doing the reveal of the eco-friendly fabrics for the newly greened bedroom, everything froze. Grr. Theoretically, the repair guy comes today...hopefully then I can get back to blogging regularly, instead of sneaking it in on borrowed time (and internet!).

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April said...

OMG... I was a nerd for 25 years, moved to the farm for 6 months and the world went on so fast without me that I had to google to find out what FIOS was.

Non sequiturally, we should invent a new internet game by making up definitions for the word verification words you get when posting a comment... I'll go first:

My word verification word:
pulmida (puhl-MEE-duh) n. Cheese made from gnu milk