Thursday, October 09, 2008

Quotes From A Monkey

The Monkey has a big vocabulary. Sometimes he throws out words that are so adult, I have to wonder if he knows what he's talking about. I'm finding out that most of the time, he does. Eep!

The Monkey on meditation:
"It's where you sit cross legged, like this...and you rub your fingers together, like this...and you close your eyes and kind of.....feeeel the nature. Then you open your eyes and look around to see if you made anything move."

The Monkey on dating:
"Dating is when you like someone...I mean, really like someone...and you want to spend lots of time with them so you all the time go and meet them places."

The most tricksy conversation we've had to date:
Him: So...when I was in your tummy, how did I get out?

Me: Well...I pushed and pushed, and then you were born!

Him: Yeah.....but how did I get out?

Me: Um...God made a special hole in Mommies where the babies come out.

Him: Oh. Ok. [pause] Where is it?

Me: Between the legs.

Him: Ok. (considers it for a minute) So...were you on a table or something or did I just fall on the floor, or what?

Me: No...of course not! We were in the hospital and there was a doctor there who helped you come out. And the minute you were born, they put you right back on my tummy so you'd know exactly where I was.

Him: Awww!! What a charming story! Can you tell it again?

Whew! Parenting just got a whole lot more interesting...

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