Monday, September 15, 2008


The Monkey was out of town all weekend for MonkeyDad's girlfriend's family outing on the Eastern Shore. He had a complete blast with kayaking and fishing (he was the netter!) and crabtraps.

Happily for me, he was also glad to be home.

Most mornings when I drop him at school, he barely says goodbye. Immediately distracted by whatever some other kid is doing on the computer, he'll ditch his backpack and wander off while I'm signing him in. He's independent and I'm fine with that. Besides, he's made it clear that parental displays of affection at school are not. cool. at. all.

This morning, he made to give me a little hug goodbye, so I bent over and told him to have a good day. He reached up as if to play with my hair and whispered "Can you sneak in a little kiss?" I managed to surreptitiously land a little teeny one without anyone noticing. He whispered "thanks" and was off to play.

I sort of wish every day could start with my heart exploding into a million happy bits!