Saturday, August 30, 2008


MonkeyDad taught me how to make swirlyhoop well over a decade ago. His best friend and her sisters were in charge of making it for their family growing up...she taught him...he taught me...and this morning, I taught the Monkey. I don't expect that he'll remember, but I let him make it.

The recipe for swirlyhoop is thusly: equal parts white sugar, brown sugar, and water with dashes of whatever flavor seems yummy on pancakes (this morning I went with the last dregs of vanilla and a dash of cinnamon). Bring the whole thing to a rapid boil while stirring...then watch it turn to syrup as it cools. Simple! (Literally. I think this is the recipe for simple syrup.)

I was sharing with TOWWAS the other night that I've become such a fan of swirlyhoop that I can't eat store-bought syrup tastes like chemicals. I suppose actual maple syrup fresh from a tree is probably better...but I don't have a fresh tree for tapping and buying the real stuff is a little spendy for my breakfast. For the moment, I'm thrilled that there's another tasty, homemade option!

What legacy recipe do you embrace?

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towwas said...

Mine has the embarrassing-to-say but impossible-to-forget name Rum Tum Tiddy. Kid you not. Can of tomato soup; half a cup or so of grated cheese; warm, then pour over 2 pieces of toast, cut into triangles. Mmmmmm.