Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What "And" Is

I worry about random stuff sometimes. Like school. And specifically whether or not the Monkey is actually getting anything out of it. I can't always get him to tell me anything specific about school. I'll ask him what he did in a given day and he'll toss back "good stuff." (which helps me none...and makes me wonder if he's turned 13 and I forgot to notice) Add to that the fact that he's got a vivid imagination and is prone to flowing movies into reality into Wii games...and I'm basically not entirely certain that he even showed up for his first year of school...

Until sometimes...

Me: ...that happened one hundred and eighty seven years ago.
Him: "And" isn't a number.
Me: Huh?
Him: "And" is NOT a number. It's just "one hundred eighty seven."
(I'm waiting for the punch line...)
(...he is dead serious about this)
Me: Err. Right. Sorry.

...I guess he's paying attention after all!!

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present&accounted4 said...

*huge sigh*
So glad you're writing again.