Thursday, April 10, 2008

Not really...I expected it to go much further, much faster!

The last time I "worked out" had to have been almost a year ago. I remember going to the fitness room in the apartment complex a time or two, but that was really inconvenient. I went on an 8 mile walk one day last summer, but that was kind of a one-off deal. My last bout of anything like regular exercise was sometime in the embarrassingly distant past. Boo.

The events of the last two weeks have created a distinct need for exercise (or a punching bag). Fortunately, I bought a treadmill a month or so ago, but between a case of stomach flu and my parents' visit, I hadn't gotten into a routine. Nothing like the sudden disappearance of the guy you've been dating for a year to step up the motivation!

Tonight, I put the treadmill...and my body...through its paces. It was slow and lumbering and sort of awful, on some level. I made it 40 minutes with a paltry 2.5 miles to show for it. Frustrating...but a good start, I suppose. And I know, in the objective part of my brain, that it will get better (all of it) lumbering step at a time.

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Squeek said...

Cool---you can help keep the dust off our new treadmill on your visit. I have not been doing my part in the last couple weeks to keep it dust free