Friday, March 21, 2008

No Good Deed

...goes unpunished.

I took my car in this morning to get the state inspections taken care of (go team me!). That went without a hitch...everything passed...yay. I drove to Giant to get leaf bags to deal with some more of the back yard...rawr! On the way back I thought, "You know...since I'm out, I should go ahead and get the oil changed..." So I did. They offered me a few extra services, most of which I turned down, except for the tire rotation...because I knew that hadn't been done for awhile. I am on fire!

I drove the car away to an alarming popping sound every time I turned the wheel. I pulled in to a parking lot and looked at it...but I have no idea what I'm looking for. It's just wrong. I took it back and said "No...this isn't right...fix it." They messed around (one of the wheels was all wobbly -- glad I took it back!)...did some more stuff (including some emphatic tire kicking -- really? Does that help?)...proclaimed it good. Only when they drove it out of the garage, the alarming popping sound was still there. One of the technicians drove it around the block to investigate...then came back and confirmed that I had an alarming popping sound...and that it must be something in the steering column and a tire rotation couldn't have caused it. I explained that no, there had been no sound when I brought the car something caused it.

After a bit more investigation, the sent a manager back to show me the problem: a front suspension spring shifted out of place when they lifted the car up. Whether or not they lifted it up correctly, I don't know...and by that time, I wanted to get the hell out of there. They recommended an auto shop a half block down. Fine.

Fortunately, their recommendation was better than their mechanical skills. If the guys at Curry's Auto Service are as solid as they present themselves, I've got a new mechanic for life. They were friendly and smart and funny. I haven't felt comfortable with a mechanic since Al Minghi back in Missouri (he kept my 12 year old Topaz in tip top shape...I even invited him to my wedding so my Dad could meet him!)...but these guys just might change that trend.

On the bright side (because there's always a bright side), I don't have to deal with the DMV today...and it's lovely outside, and now I'll have a lot of time to play around in the back yard!

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towwas said...

Yay for finding a mechanic you like! That's great. I <3 <3 <3 my mechanic, but he's a little inconveniently located for you. So, just as well you don't need one now. :)