Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mr.T and Q*bert

Despite the fact that it's missing from the Hallmark racks, February is, apparently, "Reconnection Month." I know this because in the last month I've been in touch with HB (one of my long-lost bestest friends from High School)...a random smattering of other high school acquaintances (the 20 year reunion is looming -- ack!)...Squeak, Deed and J.Low (all of whom I'm hoping to visit later this spring)...and, most astonishingly, T-the-guy-I-didn't-date-for-six-months (TTGIDDFSM? That's a bit much. Maybe I'll stick with's got that A-Team feel to it. Oo-rah!).

If you'd asked me in 1995 whether or not I'd ever hear from Mr.T again, I would have laughed an emphatic "No!" During our six month dalliance, he not only wouldn't cop to the fact that we were dating...but made a point of insisting that we were *not* dating. We had a great time together, but "not dating" isn't exactly a relationship status built to last. I've spent the last decade amusing people by observing that it's very difficult to break up with someone you're "not dating" I moved three states away. Thus endeth the [air quote] re-la-tion-ship [/air quote].

An email from a high school classmate prompted me to renew my account... and much to my shock, there was an email from him. It didn't say....well...anything, actually....just his email address. I sent a note out into the ether...he responded...and we've been catching up and re-getting to know each other pretty much nonstop for the last three weeks. It's a trip down memory lane, for sure...but it's been really awesome and happily amazing to realize that he's grown into someone I'd enjoy knowing if I were meeting him now for the first time.

I love it when old friendships turn out like that!

The Monkey has enjoyed the appearance of a new character in our story as well. Partly, he gets a kick out of reading over my shoulder when I'm AIM-ing someone...but also, Mr.T has a superfunnyawesome 4-year-old son named Q*bert. And...Mr.T and Q*bert have a webcam, so the Monkey has been able to giggle at their antics a time or two.

This morning, the Monkey and I got in the car to head to school and we were both freezing.

Me: Did you turn on the winter?
Him: No!! ...wait, what does that mean?
Me: I's cold out. I think someone turned on the winter.
Him: Ahh... Maybe Mr.T turned on the winter...
Me: Nah...I don't think so. He's always cold.
Him: Oh. Well, do you think you could ask him to turn on the summer soon?!
Me: Heh. I'll see what I can do.

Welcome to the bloggy family, Mr.T and Q*bert! Get yourselves some blogger accounts and say hello!

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