Sunday, February 10, 2008


Tomorrow is the 100th day of school at the Monkey's school. They've planned a school-wide celebration including the 100 Museum, a 100 Snack (that they'll be preparing themselves) and various other 100-themed things. The kids have been building up to this day for...well...100 days. It's a very big deal.

Also, the Monkey was chosen as "Star of the Week" this week! This means he brought home a GIANT box over the weekend that he has to fill up with items all about him to be shared with his class: pictures, a toy, his hobby (his blog, of course), favorite color and favorite food. It's a very special week dedicated to All Things Monkey!

Cool, right?

Yeah...yesterday morning, he woke up with a clear-cut case of pinkeye. "Clear-cut," in this case, being defined as "diagnosable not only by me, but by the RN at the clinic from across the room" (he walked in the door and she said "ohh! I know why you're here!" and wrote out a prescription). And tonight his nose is all snurgelly and his voice is nearly gone from some kind of cold.

He's been on the meds for 24 hours...his eye looks a bit like he came out on the losing end of a barroom brawl...and he's snotty. I send him to school tomorrow?


towwas said...

Ohhhh, man. I assume from what you say that he's contagious? If so...I bet a lot of parents would thank you to keep him at home. Poor kid. :( Could you send in a video? Hold a conference call?

I Blog, You Blog said...

I did a bunch of reading about conjunctivitis last night trying to figure out how long a person is contagious. It appears that it's largely about what kind of pinkeye it is. Bacterial stops being contagious 24 hours after the antibiotic starts...viral takes 3-5 days.

He started the antibiotic eye drops Saturday (had to look them up too to see if they were, in fact, antibiotic or not...oy), maybe he's not? I really don't know.

Either way, I wrote his teacher last night to see if there was one activity or some small contained thing that I could bring him up for during the day. Otherwise, we're just going to have our own hundred day celebration here at home.

Can't have the Monkey being Patient Zero of The Great Pinkeye Epidemic of 2008!!

J.Bro said...

Could he infect exactly 100 other kids? Y'know, as part of the festivities?