Sunday, July 15, 2007

Reading Really IS Fundamental

So I decided to catch the Google Analytics train before it left the station. I installed it a few weeks ago but hadn't had any results. At all. It seemed like it was going to perpetually "gather data" and never tell me anything... Bummer.

I logged in again last night to have another look around...see if I could find an FAQ or something that told me what I was maybe doing wrong... What gives, man? I mean, I installed the script right before the [body] tag...just like it...


So I moved the script before the [/body] tag (just like it actually said) and by some miracle, everything is working perfectly...



BASSO said... unlike you, but it made me laugh, having done similar things ... oh, before means before? What a concept.

BASSO said...


I Blog, You Blog said...

Yeah. I'm a snart cookie. Really!