Thursday, July 12, 2007


A weinerdog just walked by outside. Weinerdogs are cute, but they don't feel very good. The hair's too short and they're layer of fleshy, stubbly stuff that moves when you give them a good scratch. It's not a happy sort of pet feeling. Not like it should be.

Fluffy dogs are better. Or fluffy cats. Paulie (MrR's cat) sometimes gets her nose right up next to my face and rubs her whole head against my cheek and purrs. Macska (my Missouri cat) used to lay on my chest/belly with one paw on either shoulder and put her head up under my chin and purr til we both fell asleep. That right there is kitty nirvana.

I'm going to have to get a cat.

I have to get a house first...but then, I'm totally going to get a cat.


towwas said...

Noooooo!!!!!!! Cats make me wheeze!!

Actually, since I moved out of my parents' house, my allergies have been much better. But...your house is one of my cat-free sanctuaries! Oh well. Not like I have actually *been* to the place where you live or anything.

I Blog, You Blog said... get your wheezey butt to the sanctuary then, missy! :)

BASSO said...

Long-hairred (or is it Long-hair?) Weinerdog - very cute, very cuddly, NOT a CAT!